Several Things You Should Know Before You Cage Your Man


The thought of having your penis stuck in a little cage may be strange to some people. Some men think it is exciting to use a male chastity device. At first you might think that it’s strange to deliberately prevent erection and orgasm can be arousing, but it is true that some men find it so. It can be difficult to get started on it. Like many things on the net, there’s more misinformation than fact. Most of the men who write about it online are single men. Hence most of what you can read about male chastity devices are the sexual fantasies of lonesome men.

For most couples, it’s often the men who would start the conversation about the use of male chastity device, like Lock the Cock. There’s a good chance that your partner has already read and researched about this device and has started dreaming about what you could do to him once his penis is out of the cage. He may also be having expectations about whatever you may do to him once you have his penis locked in a cage. One thing common about these men when their penises are locked in a cage is that they surrender their control over the sexual encounter to their partner the key holder. The key holder is the person holding the key that will unlock the cage.


Most men succumb into so much thought about chastity and surrender and in general this leads them into many sexual fantasies about what may happen once they are out of the cage. There are several scenarios that could happen:

By locking your partner’s penis, he has a huge tendency to be submissive and he may likely spend his waking hours like a puppy trying to please his master. May it be said that underlying the sexual fantasy is the desire to call the attention and please the key holder to be able to have temporary release and perhaps some sex.

Being locked up in a cage may also serve as punishment for him after some sort of infidelity, some secret masturbation, or any domestic shortcoming. When he surrenders his penis, this means that he is showing his devotion to you as his partner and that he wishes to be forgiven. He has to prove his devotion to his partner who is also the key holder. You on the other hand knows that the boy side of him is not going to a different direction.