Dogs are awesome and every one of them is different and special. You love your dog and you want to him to stay happy and healthy. One way to make sure of this is to give him the right type of nutrition. Feeding your dog the wrong type of food can have the opposite effect making your beloved pet look sad and sick.

Figuring out the right type of food for your dogs starts with its size. Dogs come in all shapes and sizes; different sized dogs have different nutritional needs.


Small dogs have long life spans and their energy is quite high. A high calorie and energy content food is needed because they have extremely high metabolic rates. Small dogs need more protein, fat, and carbohydrates for energy. They also need vitamin B to help make their metabolism work. They have small mouths and stomachs so choose food that has small kibbles to aid in easy chewing and consumption. Small tummies also mean that they only eat a tiny amount each time so you probably need to feed then two or even three times a day. However, small dogs that are almost always inside and do not get much activity one feeding a day is appropriate as small dogs are especially susceptible to obesity.

Mediun-sized dogs naturally have moderately high energy. They need a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight. They need diets that provide optimal nutrition; some of the nutritional needs of small breeds should be regarded, as well as some of the needs of large breeds. Like small breeds, some medium-sized dogs have high energy so they need a healthy amount of calories, protein and carbohydrates. They need a healthy dose of calcium as developmental bone problems can occur in medium-sized breeds.


Large and giant dogs have unique physiological, endurance and energy requirements. They need foods that support strong, healthy bones. Giant dogs weight put their joints under constant pressure and some dogs could suffer some degree of arthritis. Their diets should contain ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate that keep joints healthy and mobile. Calcium is also needed to prevent developmental skeletal disorders. Big dogs that get a lot of exercise need a lot of calories.

Whatever size your dogs are, as a general rule you should never give them table scraps as it can potentially irritate your dog’s stomach.

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